How to help your child remain cavity-free for life

Child brushing their teeth

At Derry Heights Dental in Milton, the warm atmosphere makes even the youngest patients feel at ease.

As a welcoming, patient-focused practice, the professional staff at Derry Heights Dental ensure children enjoy their visit to the dentist.

There’s a great children’s play area for your child to explore while they wait for their appointment or while their brother or sister also sees the dentist, and they can even watch television during their treatment.

While your child should definitely have their first dental appointment by the age of four, earlier is even better. Their baby teeth will eventually fall out, but they need to remain healthy to protect the space for the permanent teeth. Early treatment and preventative treatments protect the integrity of the teeth and gums, which means less invasive work later in life.

Sealants are a great method for helping prevent cavities, especially on back molars that can be difficult to reach thoroughly with brushing and flossing. Sealants keep bacteria from settling into the grooves of the teeth.

At your child’s appointment, the staff at Derry Heights Dental will explain and demonstrate for them in age-appropriate language how they can clean and care for their teeth. If your child is between four and six years old, the dental staff may take X-rays to see if there are any cavities forming between teeth.

A visit every six months is recommended to catch any cavities early and for the hygienist to do a quick cleaning to remove any stains and apply a fluoride treatment.

Derry Heights Dental is a full-service family dentistry office. In addition to children’s dentistry, services include cosmetic dentistry, denture fittings, dental implants, emergency dental care, Invisalign® braces and more. The office can submit dental claims electronically.

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