Feel comfortable smiling with a full set of white pearls

woman with straight white teeth

Derry Heights Dental, located at 6941 Derry Road in Milton, Ontario, wants to ensure you have a full set of healthy white teeth.

One major health concern faced by patients is missing teeth. Missing teeth can be caused by dental decay, gum disease or trauma, or they simply did not form in the first place. For more than just cosmetic reasons, other problems associated with missing teeth include improper biting, which can lead to jaw and muscle pain; difficulty with speech; the tilting of adjacent teeth into the empty space; supra-eruption (plaque accumulation in the gaps, leading to more decay); gum disease; and food entrapment within the gaps, leading to further disease and decay.

Treatments include dentures, bridges and implants. Implants are the most popular due to the longevity, strength and stability of today’s dental procedures. If you are someone who is need of dental services, Derry Heights Dental is waiting to hear from you.

Derry Heights Dental offers treatments for the whole family, with comprehensive dental care and cosmetic services. Knowing that many of us need a distraction while procedures are occurring, Derry Heights Dental invites you to watch television while they go to work on your teeth. They also provide a children’s area to keep your child occupied while you relax in the chair and allow them to replace your missing teeth.

o learn more about Derry Heights Dental visit their YouTube page or go to their website. Available Monday through Friday, and by appointment on Saturdays and in the evenings, let Derry Heights Dental take care of your teeth and ensure you have an everlasting disease-free smile.

You can make an appointment with Derry Heights Dental by calling 905-875-4232. You can also make an appointment by email.

When it comes to your overall dental health, don’t wait for the pain of disease to arrive with further complications. Contact Derry Heights Dental to learn first-hand what their professional and caring office can do for you.