Misaligned teeth no more


Derry Heights Dental is a full-service dental office located in Milton. From emergency dental care to regular dental examinations, as well as cosmetic and family dentistry, Derry Heights Dental strives to provide excellent standards of care in an easygoing, professional and friendly atmosphere.

One of the many health problems faced by patients is dentition, better known as the alignment of your teeth. If your teeth are not properly aligned, it could lead to overcrowding, which can push teeth even further out of alignment. Malocclusion (misaligned teeth) can cause pain, difficulty eating, jaw popping, toothaches, sensitivity to hot and cold, or discomfort while biting, chewing or closing your mouth. In children, it can cause new teeth to grow in misaligned or not erupt at all, which will lead to an impacted tooth.

By contacting Derry Heights Dental to make an appointment, you can get ahead of the problem and learn about the several orthodontic services provided by Derry Heights Dental.

One of the popular services provided by Derry Heights Dental to treat misaligned teeth is a state-of-the-art treatment known as Invisalign, an alternative to metal braces. Made with 3D computer imaging technology, it has been proven effective as a new way to align your teeth without the embarrassment of using braces.

One of the nice features regarding Invisalign is they are removable. So you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment. Brushing and flossing are not a problem. With no metal to cause mouth abrasions during their treatment, patients find they are more comfortable. Using Invisalign also means a patient can spend less time in the doctor’s office getting adjustments.

Derry Heights Dental is located at 6941 Derry Road in Milton, Ontario. To learn more about their team, you can call 905-875-4232. To set up an appointment you may also send an email derryhts@bellnet.ca.