The difference between having a cavity and needing a root canal

the difference between a cavity and needing a root canal

Derry Heights Dental in Milton is a full-service dental practice specializing in general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. The Derry Heights dental team offers complete dental services while also encouraging their patients to maintain optimal oral health practices at home. However, despite practising meticulous oral care habits, at some point, you may experience pain or discomfort … Read more

Find the Right Dentist for Your Family


Taking proper care of your family’s oral health is much more than just visiting the dentist twice a year for a check up and cleaning. It’s important to work with a dental professional you trust and who can provide the wide variety of services required for optimal oral health. Derry Heights Dental in Milton, Ontario, provides comprehensive dental care, both … Read more

Misaligned teeth no more


Derry Heights Dental is a full-service dental office located in Milton. From emergency dental care to regular dental examinations, as well as cosmetic and family dentistry, Derry Heights Dental strives to provide excellent standards of care in an easygoing, professional and friendly atmosphere. One of the many health problems faced by patients is dentition, better known … Read more

How to help your child remain cavity-free for life

Child brushing their teeth

At Derry Heights Dental in Milton, the warm atmosphere makes even the youngest patients feel at ease. As a welcoming, patient-focused practice, the professional staff at Derry Heights Dental ensure children enjoy their visit to the dentist. There’s a great children’s play area for your child to explore while they wait for their appointment or while their brother or … Read more

How to avoid baby bottle tooth decay

prevent baby bottle tooth decay

Derry Heights Dental in Milton is committed to helping good dental habits begin early. The Canadian Dental Association recommends a dental assessment as early as the eruption of the first teeth, so parents can be advised on cleaning methods, any problems can be detected early, and children become comfortable with the dentist. Of course, milk helps … Read more